Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In your face, Obama!

We've just one-upped the U.S. in terms of progressive politics. They may have elected a black man as president, but we currently have a black woman in charge of the future of our nation!

And she is hot!

Sure it won't last long, but since we've lost almost everything else that made our country cooler than the U.S., let's bask in it while it lasts!

Now the big question is will she side with the Cons in their attempt to prorogue the government or will she allow the coalition to take the reins of power?

On the one hand, she has to protect her own future and reputation and she has demonstrated thoughtfulness for most of her career and definitely as Governor-General, so I don't see her doing anything radical. On the other hand, she is a Quebecer (despite the disrespect and even hate with which she is treated here by much of the media and many of the people) and comes from the arts community. I can't imagine she supports much of Harper's neo-con ideology.

The wild card, I think, as usual, is sex. Power is attractive and there has always been some kind of frisson going on between Jean and Harper. Is it possible he has used his Satanic powers to burrow deep into her soul (and her bed chamber) just enough to influence her to side with him?

We'll be watching! Excellent material for a CBC mini-series already.


Anonymous said...

Poor mme Jean, what did she do to deserve this anyway? That being said, she has top notch counselling and will probably come up with a compromise that will be annoying to everyone. I have no quarrels with that.

That being said, am I the only one who is impressed with the way the PCC has absolutely punted Québec?

I mean, he evens tries to pull the good old trick of saying separatist in english and "souverainiste" in french, just like in the good old Chrétien days!

I have to say, I appreciate how the NDP are framing this aas a progressive alliance.

OlmanFeelyus said...

It's amazing how several years of carefully-laid propaganda and wooing in Quebec by the Cons has just been thrown out the window in a day. True colours!

Buzby said...

I am loving what is going on and fascinated by how MJ is going to react.

I don't think that Harper will prorogue parliament - that would be so medieval parliamentary.

Instead, I think that MJ will allow the unholy alliance of Dion and Layton with a little Bloc on the side to succeed. I don't think that she has a choice in that as there is a precedent for this already in what happened in Ontario some 30 years ago. Exactly the same fact pattern and the LG put the new coalition in power.

Anonymous said...

Well, so much for that.

And that deal with the devil/separatists thing seems to be working out quite well; Ekos sez Harper is now up at 44%.

Great, just great. I mean, even Jean Charest is talking about "Québec Bashing".