Friday, February 06, 2009

Melting Day Coming, Montreal! Let's get to work!

Okay, we are supposed to reach 2 degrees celsius tomorrow and possibly right up to 5 degrees on Sunday. Excellent opportunity to get rid of snow!

However, this is going to be a tricky one. They are calling for freezing rain for Saturday and wet flurries on Sunday. What this means is that if you don't get out there and shovel and sweep, you may have a serious ice problem as the weather gets down to normal on Monday (-9 predicted). Especially difficult on a Monday.

The more snow and slush we can clear during the weekend, the less work the cols bleus have to do during the week. It will take pressure off the city's budget, cut down on fuel consumed and pollution created and maybe make the streets a little safer for old people.

Here's what you do. Get out at the height of the melting, when the temperature is above zero. Shovel and clear your property and the sidewalk in front (everybody has their own pattern, so I won't dictate to you your specific approach, though if anybody needs help with personal snow removal strategies, I'm always available for a free consultation). The trick is to throw the snow into the middle of the street. The warm weather, combined with the cars driving over it, will melt it where it will run into the gutter and then eventually down the drain. You may have to unblock the gutter from time to time, as ice can build up.

So don't be lame! Get into it! All that water flowing is snow that won't have to be picked up, gas that won't be consumed. Such a good feeling! Plus, you'll get some exercise and be out in the fresh air.

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