Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Sidewalks are Coming! The Sidewalks are Coming!

I came home from work on Friday to see these blue lines spraypainted along the sidewalk square dividers on our side of the block. I was very pleasantly surprised as this looks to be the vanguard marks of the company actually coming to redo the sidewalks and since the construction holiday ends on the 31st of July, I didn't expect to see anything at least until August. Some super keen worker getting a head start?

What is really cool is that, judging by the lines, where the direction of the arrows indicate which squares will be redone, it looks like not only are they going to be filling in the squares that they tore up for the aqueduct work but that they will also be replacing cracked and damaged squares.

I get a holiday on Monday and while I have to help a friend with his computer, I'm hoping they'll actually start the work then and I can hang around annoying the workers, asking questions and taking pictures.

The real question though is to autograph the fresh cement, thus marking our territory or leave it pristine?