Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our squirrel neighbours

In the warmer seasons, these guys use the small window sills outside our back stairs as one of their many resting stops. It's funny because you can go right up to the window and look at them, even with the light on behind you and they don't seem disturbed. But as soon as you go out the back door, which is almost two stories below them, they totally freak out and scramble out of their nest to escape to the roof via the ivy. In the spring and once or twice in the later summer, they grab leaves and re-pad their nest. That process is enjoyable to watch.

(note these photos were taken last summer.)

Sometimes there are three of them all crammed together. It looks quite cozy.

However, I have to admit that up close they aren't really that cute. Look at those orange teeth!


Buzby said...

And the vicious looking claws but for their miniature size

OlmanFeelyus said...

I know, imagine being trapped under a durable tarp with several of those beasts and they start to freak out...