Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Some secret Patrick Swayze fan club here in Montreal?

For perverse reasons that I don't want to share on the internet, I have twice now gone to Boîte Noire, the extremely well-stocked arty video store here in Montréal, to rent Next of Kin. Both times, it has been rented! I was floored the first time that it was rented (and that was after searching through the "Gros Bras" action movie section in the basement for twenty minutes). But when I went back today, two weeks later and the guy told me it was out again, I was almost sure there was some mistake in their system. He confirmed that it had been rented recently, but couldn't say if it was the same person who rented it the last time. What the hell? Who the fuck is renting Next of Kin? I either really want to meet this person or I really don't.


Jason L said...

You could do a John Irvin double feature night with Raw Deal.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Swayze I heard was a very kind man that was always good to others.I was always told by so many people that I resembled Mr Swayze.Mostly when he made the movies Dirty Dancing,Next of Kin,and Road House..My name is Larry Michael Norris.lmn1960@yahoo.com