Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mis à jour

Well I'm deep in it now! I got a job as an office manager for a non-profit organization. It's national and international (our "head" office is in Toronto) but the workplace here is entirely done in french. I have so much material for this blog! The problem has been sorting it out (plus my finals and grad school apps that I just got all done). Now that I will have some time and tons of information and ideas to share, I will be back on a more regular posting schedule. So stay tuned!

As for the ripped up sidewalk out front, they actually came and repaired it! I was quite pleasantly surprised. Of course, they didn't do a proper repair, filling it with asphalt instead of concrete. But it is level now and it makes a big difference when you are coming off the last step, especially when carrying a bike. One thing, the day it was done, two different people walked right through it, a man and a woman, at different times, leaving their shoeprints permanently embedded in the black surface. And then the day after that, someone let their dog leave a nice steaming turd right in the middle of it. That actually went on quite regularily for days until I put a sign up. Discouraging.

Finally, I am doing a research project on francophone comic books and chronicling it in what was my 50 books blog. So if you are interested in learning a bit about that incredible world, take a look.


Mustapha Mond said...

What I like to do is follow dog shitters home and then crap on their cars.

I'm psyched you're back to blogging!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! If you want some lighter reading in sports, check out the Halberstam book on Bill Belichick.

Buzby said...

Grad school aps? Why don't we talk anymore? It's not fair that I find out about your major life choices by way of your blog.