Monday, December 03, 2007

Snow Day!

I've been very absorbed in school and work and life so it wasn't until last week that I started really thinking about the winter. Last year was so mild and what with all the global warming, I was anticipating a few weeks of hassle here and there and some basic bundling up. I happened to read an article in Le Journal about how it was supposed to be a really cold and snowy winter in Quebec this year. Then all of a sudden everybody seems to be talking about it. It's Canada-wide! And a few days later we get a nice dump and all kinds of alarmist media reports about 40cm on Vancouver island and storms across the nation. Excellent.

I like talking and thinking about the weather, but the media reports really get me ranting. I totally understand how we want to see images of lots of snow in other parts of the country, but please leave off the tone of concern and seriousness. It's winter. We live in Canada. It snows. Why is this news? Just show it to us and give us the details. Stop with the retarded man in the street interviews where some guy tells us how he's having a hard time getting to work. Take the bus you loser!

What they should do is have a team that goes around and finds the best and worst shoveled households and compare them. The old Italian and Portuguese dudes in my neighbourhood are most impressive. I mean some of these guys are old. And they come from mediterranean countries. But they are out there early, and their work is thorough and symmetrical. They even sweep the ground after, even when it's still snowing. That's commitment (and retirement).

I don't if it's because I'm in the heart of the city or just the general collapse of civilization, but it seems like the rest of the people have become incredibly lazy and half-assed about cleaning their walks and drive ways. Perhaps out in the countries and the burbs, you have the kind of heart and character that used to define this great nation. But here, you see spiral stairs a foot deep in snow with a little trail of boot tracks in the middle of it. Get up and clean the whole thing off, you lazy whippersnappers. Are we all so used to the city to rushing out with their gas-powered machines and carrying the snow away that we expect it to be done for our own homes as well?

I think we should get rid of the plows altogether and have a law that everyone is responsible for shovelling within their property line, projected halfway out into the street. Then when it snows like this, we'd all take the morning off, come out onto the streets together and shovel. The cols bleus, could be responsible for the highways and larger roads, as well as bringing hot chocolate to the neighbourhoods. The mayor would make spot checks and the cleanest streets would get a small tax break and have their picture in the newspaper. It'd be great for the environment, great for community spirit and keep people in better shape.

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