Tuesday, February 12, 2008

le givre

my window at work

the window down the hall

the icicles you can see through the window

Quite beautiful, eh? They look like light little feathers dancing in two dimensions on the glass. They melt away when the sun hits them. All this icey beauty is the result of poor insulation, unfortunately.


dsgran said...

Nice to see you back at the Montreal Blog. Those are some beautiful photos- not just of the snow, but the building you work in! must be very calming to have that as an environment.

Neath said...

Very nice images. Would be great to you blogging more often!

OlmanFeelyus said...

Thanks for your support! I know I've been very slow with the blog. It's not for lack of motivation, but lack of material. I'm having trouble explaining it in words and I don't like to talk about myself in the blog, but it has something to do with me basically assimilating to Montreal and not having an outsider perspective anymore.

But that being said, there is still lots of cool stuff to talk about here. I've decided to go for quicker, smaller pieces more often.

Don't change that channel!