Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 3 - coming over to our side

Whoah! They are moving fast! I'm starting to fall a bit behind.

The above photo is what I saw from my front porch yesterday morning. They've finished the ditch on the other side and are well on their way to completing our side. Man, the poor girl who lives downstairs. Her window looks right out onto the front and they started working around 7 this morning. It was loud enough that we could hear it in the back so there is no way she is sleeping through that.

Here's the nice clean ditch looking north from my place.

Here he is gingerly pushing rocks around the outlet valve. Must take a bit of a touch to be able to navigate that thing around small pipes.

And here is the finished job. You can see the pink valve head (spraypainted for easy spotting) sticking out from the gravel and dirt.

Here's the same thing from the ground. I like this shot because if you look in the upper left hand corner, you can see the whole street, with the ditch running along it, no parked cars (except that one truck) and even a few peds in the street. I wish it were like this always!

This threw me. On the way to work, I saw that they had installed a fire hydrant. At first I thought they were taking the water from here, as they are at the top of the block, but since it's in the middle, it didn't make sense. Than I realized that it's a new hydrant, sitting on a sweet cube of concrete. My guess is it's there to act as a temporary fire hydrant, which makes a ton of sense, as they are essential services and the firemen are going to want something to tie there hoses into in case there is a fire. Though what will happen if the street is dug out and no vehicles can get through? Smokey says stay alert, neighbours!

And since you've made it to the end, a special audio-visual bonus for you: a brief movie of this powerful earth moving machine at work. You get a pretty good sense of the sound as well:

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Buzby said...

Excellent reporting, can you do some man on the street or man of the people style interviews?