Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I need is a bookshelf sale!


The Grande Bibliothèque Nationale is having its first ever book sale. Most of the books will be in french, but there are going to be some english ones in there. This library collected a lot of older collections from other libraries around the city and they have a bunch of english novels from the period before the revolution, which includes all kinds of really good hard-to-find stuff (they have some obscure John Christophers, some beautiful old Michael Gilberts, for instance). I don't know how much of that has been sitting in their storage areas and if any of it will be on sale here, but I think I am going to have to go check it out. Even though my on-deck shelf is spilling off the edge and I have a stack of books that need a new shelf to go onto, I think I can not resist the siren call.

These big library book sales are quite the scene. They have one every year at a big stadium over in Rosemont and the line-up is massive. All the kinds of weirdos that the used book trade attracts plus various other book-loving members of society. I suspect this one, considering that it is the first at the new library, could be quite a scene.

It's this Friday from 10 am to 10 pm and then Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 5. I may consider taking the morning off.

What I really should be doing is building some new shelves with those nice planks stored in my back stairwell.

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