Wednesday, January 19, 2011

en ce lieu fit halte Obwondiag

"In this place, in 1757 Chief Obwondiag, known as Pontiac, Chief Odawa, conqueror of the English, made a stop."

I sure hope he didn't have to suffer that horrible pink brick exterior and cheap white railing.


Red Devil said...

Vainqueuer des Anglais? That's not how Canada Posts' Millennium Stamp collection tells it. According to them "A noble warrior and chief of the Odawa tribe during the 18th century, Pontiac persuaded the British crown to recognize the legal rights of Aboriginal tribes to claim title to the lands they occupied."

So shouldn't it be 'lui qui a persuadé la couronne Britannique'?

OlmanFeelyus said...

That's awesome. As they say, it's the victor who writes the history. In our goofy case, we still have two victors who can't stop fighting over the history.