Saturday, May 28, 2011

Heavenly indeed!

Dieu de Ciel has a terrasse!

I wonder if its existence is due to the new changes over on Laurier? I can't quite see how, as it starts one block east of here, but the timing suggests that there may be a connection. In any case, hell yes!

Now if only it would stop raining. It's pretty funny because I took the dog out at around 3:30 or so and it was grey and spitty. We walked to Van Horne via the alleys seeing very few people. Then the atmosphere started getting lighter and the sun even came out. As we came out of the alley on to St-Viateur, we saw that the street was suddenly full of people. There were lineups at both hipster Italian coffee shops and groups walking up and down the street as if they had been out all day. It's amazing how quickly this city reacts to good weather.

I feel a bit guilty talking about how much rain we've had, just because for us in the city life is pretty cushy compared to the people getting flooded out right now to the south. I came up on the train through upstate New York on Monday and you could see flooded houses, business and roads for a good ways along Lake Champlain. Rough.

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