Monday, June 20, 2011

Results! The city comes through!

So those of you who have been following this blog know that I have been bitching and complaining about the lack of street cleaning on my side of the block because of people who don't move their cars during the 9-10 am street cleaning time on Tuesdays. I've gone back and forth with the parking department and the borough, complaining every week. Some weeks they come by and give tickets, other weeks they don't showing up right after the cleaner has already passed by and just driving up the street. I guess because it is now after 10, they can't give tickets. I called furious after that one and the lady told me they were débordé (overflowing with work) which seems weird to me, since it is a revenue-generating activity.

I've put signs on the cars and almost dumped the garbage from the street on them. But my more mature side prevailed and I realized that the fault might be that many people who don't live in the neighbourhood don't even realize that you aren't supposed to park there during that hour. The two signs that state this are far away at each end of the street and there are a myriad of confusing parking signs in between.

So I started to take that tack with the people at 311 that the problem was a lack of proper signage. After the second try at this, directly with somebody from the Borough of the Plateau Mont-Royal, I was given a dossier number (11-119537) and told that they would open an investigation, sending some planners to do an investigation into the block. I basically assumed that I was going to have to keep on following up with this, with further calls, perhaps a physical visit to the office (which is on my way to work). This call was on May 31st.

Well blow me down, when I walked out of my apartment last Friday I stumbled upon this:

They must have installed it while I was at work and I didn't even notice until the next day. That is some pretty fast work! Under two weeks. Tomorrow is the day when the street sweeper comes, so we will see if the people notice the sign. I'll certainly be on the case of the parking bureau as well. But I have to say that I am quite satisfied and impressed with this level of service from the municipality. So to whomever oversaw dossier #11-119537, made sure it got to the right people, to whomever came and did a survey of my block and to whomever actually loaded up the sign, brought it here, dug a hole and put it up, I send you a great big Briques du Neige THANK YOU!

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