Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Apples

Got these at the farmer's market on St-Dominique between St-Joseph and Laurier.  That (and the closing down of the street that allowed it to exist) have turned out to be a real boon.  I'll miss it when they close for the winter.

But what's the story with the local apple trees.  I passed several in the alleys of Mile End and they all have this diseased look.  The owners let them fall and rot, so I imagine they aren't edible.  Does anybody know what the story is?


Jason L said...

This happened this year with my tomatoes. All the plants with regular sized fruit got some sort of blight that caused the tomato to rot before it even ripened. Other plants with cherry tomatoes were fine.


caropops said...

You must spray apple trees when they are dormant. They are very suscepticle (sp?) to worms, fungus, rot, etc. It doesn't have to be super poisonous. That is such a shame...waste.