Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SF- Claremont Canyone plus Goats!

This hike is right behind my parents house.  It was my brother-in-law in his constant need to run and run and run who found it.  He was looking for the famous fire trail, which was cut into the hill following the big fire in the Berkeley and Oakland hills and is now a great, nearly flat place to run on.  The one big problem with this hike was that I couldn't figure out how to make a loop of it and ended up having to walk for about 20 minutes on Grizzly Peak boulevard, which has no sidewalk and lots of blind corners, so not very pleasant.  Checking on the map, it kind of looks like it's not really possible.  Oh well.  Among all the other beautiful moments of the outdoors of Northern California, the big highlight was that the goats were out.  I guess the parks department hires them from time to time to come and graze and the bottom part of this trail goes right by their hangout.  They were pretty awesome to see, but boy they didn't look like they had much to graze upon.  I threw them some greener stuff and they chomped it down quickly.  Goats are awesome.

You can see them here, dotting the steep hillside.

I forgot to say that the highlight of this hike is a spectacular view of the entire bay.

Same view from a slightly different angle coming back down.

A little memorial for peoples dogs that have died.  There are dog tags attached to it.

Okay, that's enough goats for one day.

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meezly said...

it's good you're soaking in so much NoCal culture and experience since you're missing out on some exciting events in Montreal, ie. the clamorous casserole movement of the past week, the monsoon and flash flooding of Tues and the lurid body parts case as Mtl police and interpol hunt for ex-porn star, cat-killer and fugitive "Rocco" Magnotta!