Thursday, April 18, 2013

Possum sighted, do I flee or investigate?

"Take us to Olman Feelyus, pion"
Those of you who know me well know that I have a long and complex history with the Possum empire.  I won't go into details now but let's just say that may or may not be the reason I moved north so many years ago.  All has been going well here and I've come to quite love my new life.

Then this news showed up today in my twitter feed.

Global warming?  Escaped illegal pet?  

I think not. 

Emissary or enemy agent, I am not sure which.  This is either a message being sent or a terrible blunder.  Highly unlikely that the Possum empire would send an agent that would allow himself to get caught.  Especially downtown like that.

So do I just pack up and flee (probably the smarter move) or do I head over to the Berger Blanc and see if I can effectuate a meeting with this critter?

Going to go see if the squirrels know anything.

"I WILL fuck your shit up!"

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