Thursday, April 07, 2011

Some evidence and a new outrage

Following up on yesterday's frustration with my street not getting properly cleaned, I was able to get a picture that demonstrates the results. You can see the line of dirt next to the cars and where it gets cut off at the point where the sweeper was able to turn in (because there weren't any cars parked there). I really don't understand why it is always my section that is missed, but there it is.

On the more positive front, reasonable reader Mare reminded me in the comments that the cleaning is weekly, not monthly. I confirmed that this is indeed correct, so thanks for talking me off the ledge! ;)

However, on my way to work, I noticed another injustice. This year, we all received small cards announcing the spring clean-up. The point of the cards, though, was to explain that they would be using orange signs to indicate where and when clean-ups were going to take place. These are just like the ones they use for the snow removal, but I guess they decided to get more focused about it or something.

Well I certainly haven't seen any of these on our block yet, but imagine my dismay, when exactly a block and a half north, on our very street I see this:

and a whole line of them going all the way up Clark street into the haughty upper Mile End regions. What because I don't spend my entire day with my stroller at Open Da Nite sipping cappucino and pretnding to work on a latop, I'm not entitled to get the orange signs! Why are we being ghettoized! Lower Clark represent!

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mare said...

This is the first time someone has called me reasonable. Achievement unlocked.