Monday, January 12, 2009

Sorry Toronto, Liane Balaban is sleeping in our bed now

Up and coming Canadian arthouse actress Liane Balaban is getting some press this week, thanks to the release of Last Chance Harvey, starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson.

She has a cover piece on last week's Hour(one of 4 free weeklies in Montreal) and was also on the front page of the Review section of this weekend's Globe and Mail.

Check the pull quote from the Globe and Mail article:

It's not every day you wind up on a film set with Dustin Hoffman as your personal tutor. Then again, Toronto's Liane Balaban isn't your everyday kind of actress, Gayle MacDonald writes:

"Toronto's Liane Balaban"? (In the article, they also refer to her as the "the 28-year-old Toronto actress".) Um, sorry dudes. Read on:

Balaban, who grew up in the Toronto suburb of North York, went to high school at Lawrence Park Collegiate, and now lives in Montreal...

Toronto's and Toronto actress imply that she is currently living in Toronto. That's how it works. You could have said "Toronto native" or "originally from Toronto". The article is already pathetic enough. Who gives a shit about Dustin Hoffman? He's been mailing it in for years. Why do you have to use this is a lead to make the story worthwhile? She's a succesful Canadian actress. Isn't that enough? (To be fair, Melora Koepke does the same thing in the Hour piece.) Not only do you have to start the article sucking up to Hollywood fame but you also have to lie and suggest that she is living in Toronto.

No, she is not living in Toronto and we all know why. Because Toronto sucks. I mean it's a great city if you want to run around and pretend like you are all important and busy and wish you lived in New York. But for a young and hot actress like Liane Balaban, it's going to be Montreal all the way. You may have made out with her in high school, Toronto, but she's sleeping in our bed now!

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