Friday, January 09, 2009

thumbs-up to the cols bleus!

We had a decent little snowfall in the middle of this week. It reached around 30 cm. In typing that sentence, I almost wrote "snowstorm" because this is the term that the media uses, even in french (une tempĂȘte de neige), but a storm means terrible winds, crazy stuff happening. If this precipitation had been rain, it would not have been called a rainstorm. This manipulation of language is just another example of the continuing alarmism and excessive spassiness around the weather that we must fight against constantly and vigilantly.

The snow itself is beautiful. Just the right combo of density and fluffiness. Very easy to sweep and shovel, as it stayed in big, but not too heavy, chunks. I have kept my stairs competitively clean during the last two days.

The city as well, really got off the mark this time. I suspect they were stung a bit by the criticism from the last two snowfalls, where they didn't do such a good job. Both the street-cleaning teams and public transport have done an excellent job so far. Where during the last storm, I waited 40 minutes for a bus, this time, two came one after the other. The sidewalk plows were going all day yesterday on all the side streets. And the main roads are already mostly cleared, even for parking.

It's true that the last two snowfalls involved a lot more ice, so the clearing is harder and the effects on the citizens way worse. Nevertheless, it's nice to see the city on top of it's game. Well done!

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Anonymous said...

Well there is the stung pride, there is the ice, and then we have to get to the twin facts that:

a) The city is never ready at the beginning of December. The cols bleus are actively spreading the rumours that it is actually done by design. I doubt it. But still: they alway botch up the first storm. Such is life.

b) The second "storm" came around the 25th of december. Enough said.

But yes, they are all over the place now. Seems some lessons were learned last year.