Sunday, October 25, 2009

Now that's a hole!

I think there must be some special technique to shooting deep holes, because it is really hard to see the real depth of the hole from the crappy pictures I took. I'll share them with you nonetheless, but I'll have to rely on my words to communicate the size of this hole. Because this is a good hole!

They are digging right through solid bedrock, drilling down in row of maybe 8" diameter holes. I haven't seen it in action yet, but I'm guessing they go down with that giant jack-hammer extension on the machine. But it is really getting deep! The deepest stage of the hole is at least 30' down from the surface of the road. The hole is getting narrower the deeper they go. You could probably fit a small car in the bottom right now. So I don't know how they are going to get the bulldozer to reach in there soon.

According to the homeless guy, they are going down to 80 ft, which seems hard to believe. He says there is an old aqueduct under there that they tunneled out. My neighbour also told me that they are changing the direction of the water. It used to come from the south, from Mont-Royal (the road, though I don't know from which side) and leave past Villeneuve. Now the fresh water is going to come from Villeneuve. I didn't understand everything of what he was saying, but I was in a rush. I'll find out more later.

The brick pipe here is the old sewer (not the aqueduct). The second shot gives a better sense of how far down it is. If you fell down there, you could scrabble out of that hole from the other side, where they have laid down a slope of broken rocks for the machines, assuming you weren't killed or badly injured in the fall, which was entirely possible. And they are going to go twice as deep as that!?

Check out the bloodstains on the inside of the bricks. Some rats probably pinned some sewer gnome or fleeing convict up against the bricks here, shredding him to pieces, grinding his blood into the bricks in their fury.

We had a dog freakout on the street today. My wife and I went down to take the neighbour's dog for a walk up on Mont Royal (it was a beautiful fall day) and when the neighbour's kid opened the door, this other little white las-apso type cutesy dog was there. It was quite excited as well (Charlie, the dog I walk always gets super hyped when I come over) and slipped out the front door. Before we knew it, it was running up the street and didn't look like it was going to stop. I started running after it and was gaining on it. It really was on the run, that little f***ing pooch. All of a sudden, Charlie comes bolting by me, thinking we're all playing a game. The little dog just accelerated like Percy Harvin on the backfield! Holy crap was it fast. And then this dude yells "Keep your dog on a leash!". Total dick move, but I was worried about Charlie and I yelled at her and then chased her down. As I was holding her, waiting for someone else to come get her, the little dog turned the corner on Villeneuve and was out of sight! My wife finally came and got Charlie and I took off but it was too late. She was long gone. We spent a couple hours with the other kids looking for him (his name was "Puffy") to no avail. I'm not a dog runaway expert or anything, but you could just see that this dog was running forward and was going to keep doing it until he couldn't anymore. Stupid ass dog!

Puffy was the dog of a friend of the neighbour's daughter. Her mother came and didn't seem too surprised. The dog had run away once before on a walk and went like that. They are going to call the SPCA and the city. Good luck, little Puffy! I hope you stay all right and that you get found soon.

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WeSailFurther said...

That sewer pipe is begging for some hardy adventurers to either go into it or come charging out of it. Roll initiative.