Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old newspaper ads - Banque de Montreal

Do you need money?

The early days of expanding post-war credit. I like the portraits of the various types of people to whom the bank of Montreal will lend money.

The text says:

The Bank of Montreal recognizes that in certain circumstances, the need to borrow exists for a labourer, a clerk, a professional as well as a business.

Every day, we give personal as well as commercial loans. We welcome the borrower (or borrow-euese :)) looking for personal credit, giving the easiest conditions banking regulations allow:

$3.65 only per $100 - with 12 equal monthly payments - nothing more.

You shouldn't hesitate to expose your needs with a manager of your local branch. All transactions are strictly confidential.

The bank that truly welcomes small depositors
54 branches in Greater Montreal

A modern and experienced bank... fruit of 123 years of profitable operations

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Anonymous said...

yeah,i need money.but i have no money lol