Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The long sleep of winter

Charlie discovered this little guy mid-winter.  She was pawing and snuffling around the base of a tree in an excessively interested way so I went to investigate and found him or her stuffed into the hole in the tree.  I thought for the briefest moment that it might have been alive but I forget how now because I was too scared to touch it but I did confirm that it was indeed dead.  I'm guessing it's a racoon and can only guess at how it ended up here.  Perhaps it was sick or starving or being chased and just got wedged in.  Now when we pass it, Charlie doesn't seem too interested, so I guess it's smell is not very exciting.  I am curious to see how it will decompose over the summer.  The pictures below were taken on Easter long weekend and there is no sign of degradation from that angle yet.  Wonder if it will smell come July?

Rest in peace little guy, I hope your end wasn't too rough.

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