Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Protesting easter eggs on Mont-Royal

I sort of blew this citizen blogger assignment, by going up to the top of Mont-Royal on Easter Sunday and not bringing my camera.  On the way up, my colleague and I noticed that there were rows of red egg-shaped cardboard cuttouts here and there, each with a number stencilled on them.  At the lookout, there was a large papier-mâché egg, about 4 feet high, in a nest of sticks.  Spraypainted on the egg were the words "Nous attendons l'éclusion des négotiations".  I learned from a passerby that éclosion means "the hatching" (said passerby also began to explain the whole history of the student strike to me, somehow not taking notice of the red square attached to my jacket).

We also figured out that the eggs started at the base of the main path at the Cartier statue with the number 1 and ended up at the lookout with the number 1650, which I think is the amount Charest wants to raise tuition.

It was a cool, creative method to try and communicate their position by the students.  Unfortunately, Sunday was pretty dreary.  It was great temperature to go for a vigorous hike, but did not attract the masses and so I'm afraid the egg didn't get much coverage.

I did go back the next day and took some pictures of the eggs on the path, but the big one on the lookout was gone, presumably as yet unhatched.


WeSailFurther said...

that's my number!

OlmanFeelyus said...

You found the easter egg I left for you within the blog post!