Monday, April 23, 2012

SF - random shots from my Friday night walk home

I was looking forward to walking from my office through SoMa (South of Market) to catch the BART train at the last SF stop last Friday.  However, it turned out not to be so great.  You may have all felt a great tremor in the Force that evening, as if a thousand voices had cried out and suddenly been silenced.  That was me realizing halfway through the walk that I had left my book at the office.  This tragedy weighed on my mind for most of the trip.  SoMa is a newly-developed area and kind of dull.  Lots of converted warehouses and new condos.  The only interesting architecture was the new SF Giants baseball stadium, which looked quite cool from the outside.  I did get some nice views of the Bay Bridge.  The Golden Gate Bridge is the famous one, but I always love the sturdy utility of the Bay Bridge, myself.  They are twinning it (none of the steel is manufactured in the U.S. which is causing some controversy) which will be cool to see.  That won't be done until 2013.

When I got to Civic Center, I realized my mistake, as it was totally packed.  It's the bottom of downtown, so it gets the most transit riders, plus the train arrives already packed.  So I had to stand, smashed in, trying not to breath on the head of the person in front of me, while listening to this too loud white trash guy overtalking to an attractive, younger woman who didn't really want to be in the conversation but was friendly nonetheless.  Awkward.

Bay Bridge from the SF side, the landmass  on the other side is Yerba Buena island.

Struts for the Bay Bridge

SF Giants new stadium in China Basin

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