Friday, March 12, 2010

Old newspaper ads - Pond's "Lips" lipstick

Be the woman of his dreams! This one is really quite nice, with the spider of love (who doesn't have bad lips herself) slowly weaving her web around the couple as they embrace and he enjoys the softness and consistency of the lanoline in her lipstick.

You may have to widen your browser window to see all of this more horizontal ad. My apologies for the bleached out look, but I had to crank the contrast to make the images come out clearly. It was quite faded!


Always Changing said...

I was hunting in a bottle dump yesterday and found what I thought was a small metal pill cylinder. I took it home and soaked it in vinegar for a few hours and when I looked at it again, it was clearly a lipstick. It is a copper tube and at the bottom in a scrolling text it says, "Pond's Lips. I just happened across your blog while trying to date th lipstick tube.

Anonymous said...

I found a clipping on the same type of lipstick. It said it was from the 1940's

Anonymous said...

i found a ponds lips described in the newspaper while metal detecting at lewis ponds nsw old house site in great condition to