Friday, June 04, 2010

And so it begins again

I also got a letter in the mail, similar to last year's, about a week ago. The language on this door hanger has a confidence that belies the 7 weeks of perfect weather where nobody from the city even came to our street, let alone did any work. We shall see. At least the cars won't be able to drive up and down the street for a good chunk of the summer.

I got a camera by the way, a Pentax Optio M50 and so far I'm quite happy with it. There is some useless nonsense on it (a smile mode, for real), but I can hold 96 pictures in it without a memory card at a fine resolution, higher than these you see here. It seems zippy enough. I had to go downtown to pick up some cables for work, so I made a lunch of it and swung by Simon's Cameras. Got a very smooth salesman who quickly knocked any thoughts of spending less than $100 out of my head. They do seem to have excellent service, helpful and knowledgeable, good selection and what seemed like quality service (the guy said I could bring it back for up to a year if there are any problems).

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Christian Jarry said...

Like I told you elsewhere, 10 mp is the norm now. It's simply because adding MP is simpler and doesn't increase the price of camera like a better lens or faster shutter. As for useless features, well it's only a matter of programming them so again it's not so hard to do.

From what I can see on the net, the camera you chose is pretty good. Good lens that shoot up pretty far (5x or 36-180mm for us DSLR folks) and a shutter that does 1/2000 of sec. That's very good. ISO performance is pretty nice and I'll give you a few tips on using that if you want.

The only bad things I've read is lack of wide angle pic (need a lens that's lower than 20mm to begin with) and no image stabilisation that can sometimes be a problem at the fartest setting the camera goes.

All in all, you were very well served and got a fine camera it seems. I'll keep the name of the store in mind.