Thursday, June 17, 2010

Covering up

These guys are moving fast! In the section they dug out, they have laid both the new drain and the new aqueduct and are filling it in.

The gravel comes from a truck parked up the street. The wide bucket bulldozer goes up, gets a shovelful and then comes back and tilts its contents into the smaller bucket:

You can see the new drain with the metal plate blocking it off. Here the bulldozer is dumping the gravel down onto the drain:

Check how close I am to the action! That friggin bucket almost knocked me off the platform I was standing. This is no joke, gentle readers.

And now for some real manual labour. The worker has to distribute the gravel around with a shovel:

And then they bring out the machines. I guess these things force and shake out any space between the gravel to get maximum density and minimize shifting for the road underneath.

One very entertained neighbour:

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