Saturday, June 19, 2010

Getting close to home!

All right! They've finally hit our house. Woke up today to a lot of nearby noise. I stepped out on my front balcony to see that they have practically finished digging out the sidewalk in front of our house to get to the valves and drain. It was really too much visual entertainment to miss and so I ended up getting to work a good hour late as I watched them finish the job.

You'll notice here they whacked off a branch from the tree in front of our house. They've been pretty careful for the most part, though and it must be kind of a bitch maneuvering that shovel in amongst all those trees and power lines. The guy driving it has a really light touch. I imagine it must be quite fun when you get good at that thing.

Then the dude has to get down into the hole and dig away carefully.

Finally revealing what we've all been waiting for so long!

The top part is the fresh water coming in. It splits into two although inside our house it only comes in through a single line. I was told that a lot of the sixplexes here had two (one for each side) and sometimes up to six (one for each condo) separate lines, but that in recent times they have combined them into one.

The bottom part is the drain itself. That's where our shit, shower water, kitchen scraps all flows down into the sewer. The dude cut it open with a ceramic saw and yes there was indeed a pleasant surprise waiting for him. I wonder if it was mine!

(I felt it tasteful to not take a picture.)

And here is my favourite picture so far. The woman across the street waves to me every morning when I come out for work. She always wears black as is the tradition among good guys and Portuguese widows.

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