Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Bacs Verts put to good use

The doofuses that work at one of the other organizations in the building I work put out the bacs verts from the kitchen so they got taken away. So now they set up a chair with a plastic bag hanging over it for people to put their recycling in. I work in a building with several environmental organizations and we share the kitchen. We used to have two bacs verts in a perfect spot next to the sink and now it's just going to be a big mess. Each org has a month where they are responsible for keeping the kitchen clean, taking out the garbage, recycling and compost. I told those guys about the new bags, went and got the new bags for all the other groups in the building (and getting more than one box of bags out of the dude from the municipality office took some serious persuasion, let me tell you) and told them that we should keep the bacs verts just to hold the recycling during the week. Clearly, I didn't tell them loudly and obviously enough. Nice guys, but just living in a cloud. And we hope to try and save the planet. Sigh.

Well in counterpoint, here are some bacs verts put to good use prettying up an alley:

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