Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Construction update

(to any of you who came here via my Fantasia posts, don't worry I'll be getting back to that full fury tonight with a double documentary dose of Marwencol and The Feast of the Assumption. The main focus of my blog is on living in Montreal with a recent emphasis on municipal affairs and the sewer and aqueduct replacement project in the Plateau.)

Well in all this Fantasia excitement, I haven't been keeping all the excited municipal works fans among my vast readership up to date on the road construction going on on our street. Actually, things got pretty repetitive, as they simply moved farther up the street, repeating the same process they did in front of our house. So there wasn't that much more to report, except that they are done! As of the end of last week, they had put in the last piece of the sewer and hooked up all the houses right up to Villeneuve. It turns out that the rock on the south side of the street was a lot harder and took way longer to break through then the rock on the northern 3/4, so they ended up being able to dig much faster than they had predicted. Kudos to TGA construction for working hard and efficiently and being pretty respectful of the neighbourhood.

They are putting the finishing touches on their part of the job, which is to cover up all the work and then prepare the road bed for a different company who will come and lay down the actual road. So they are spreading gravel and dirt and flattening it, as well as cutting away the leftover road that is still connected to the curb. The sense I got was that the road-laying may not happen right away, so they have to make the street at least driveable and parkable in the meantime. It'll be cool living on a gravel road, like we're in the country.

There was some minor excitement this morning when a truck was just going off on his horn. As I guessed, somebody had parked their car and not moved it before the guys started working. So The Man was called:

I had to go to work, but the car was not there when I came back from lunch.

Congrats to the work crew on a job well done! I can't wait for the new water lines to come through. We are supposed to see a slight increase in pressure. (heh heh famous last words)

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meezly said...

"It'll be cool living on a gravel road, like we're in the country."

yeah right.

you're such a bloody romantic!