Saturday, July 31, 2010

Need to move? Go by bike!

These guys crossed my path as I was riding to work. I have to say I was quite impressed to see the loads they were pulling (in very low gear, evidently).

I gave them a "felicitations!" and they seemed psyched. I thought they were just some crazy individuals, but then I saw the words "Déménagement Myette" painted on the side of the trailer. A quick web search turned up their website. It's a full-on bike moving company, started by an idealistic, environmentally-minded entrepreneur. They will also come and pick up heavy and bulky refuse and take it to the ecocentre. A great idea and I wish I had known about them back when I did my hand-truck move (I would have still done all the hand-truck sized stuff myself, but would have hired them instead of the truck we got for the all the big furniture I couldn't do on my own).

Has anybody had any experience with them? If you do choose to hire them, let me know how it works out!

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Olivier said...

That reminds me of those cool bikes the guy who runs the blog copenhagenize talks about all the time, the cargo bikes... I wish I had a reason tp buy one of these...