Thursday, July 08, 2010

Montreal rundown

Okay, life has been busy, but a lot is going on and I've got a backlog of posts to complete. In the meantime, let me throw out a few of the things going on around me:

1) La canicule - it is fucking hot here in Montreal! It is so hot that you have to swear about it! It is seriously think about murdering your wife/husband and run away with the travelling salesman hot. We've had 3 straight days of 45 degrees plus, little wind and no respite at night. One of my cats is an unmoving puddle of fur until around 4 in the morning. This thing should break tomorrow, but I don't know if it will break me first. I had two utterly sleepless nights.

2) World Cup - the results are disappointing from a Montreal summer point of view. While I am personally quite happy to see the meltdown of France and the early exit of a lot of the big players, those teams were also the ones that brought the party to the streets of this great city. No Portugal, no Brazil and no France means no impromptu road closings of St. Laurent and St. Denis. There are a lot of Spanish people here and two (at least that I know of) Spanish social clubs on the Main, but they just aren't that rowdy of a people. They stay on the sidewalk and the cops have nothing to do!

3) Montreal Weblog is down. I haven't mentioned this here before, but there is a very well-loved website that is run by one individual (whose name I forgot). She aggregates all kinds of interesting news stories about Montreal with a little sprinkling of opinion thrown in. It really is a daily stop for me and many other Montrealers and it hasn't been working for 2 days now, with no explanation. Very disturbing. Come back, mtlweblog!

4) I saw Luc Ferrandez at a café yesterday. He is the new mayor of the borough of the Plateau who has been doing all these great initiatives. He is the first politician that I have ever voted for who is actually carrying out his promises and they are things that I wanted and that make my life and the life of the community around me better. I really wanted to say something to him, but I was with my workmates and didn't want to appear gushy and fanboyish. There will be other opportunities.

5) Fantasia is go and I'm kicking it off tonight with Ip Man 2. I am very psyched. I'm going to write about Fantasia at length in the next couple of weeks. Me and my wife purchased 50 tickets between us!

Okay, that's all. My fingertip are sweating and threaten to short-circuit the keyboard so I must ring off now.


Olivier said...

I'd rather run away with the Greenpeace girl, but hey, whatever spins your wheels.

The whole cat-as-a-puddle never cease to amaze me. How can such otherwise lively and, uh, seemingly solid creatures just liquify like that? I envy them though: lack of social constraints+amazing liquid-fu=better cooling abilities. maybe I should give up and just curl around the toilet?

At this point, we are all Ferrandez fanboyz/girlz, I think. Did you catch him on Arcand this morning? He didn't insult anybody (I was kinda hoping he'd do it; too many people get a free pass because we all have to be polite), but he did call business people carping about less cars riding around a bunch of "vendeurs de brochettes". Good times.

The cafés are a great way to skip the canicule for us self employed types. You hang in these places and you see three types of patrons:

-Mothers and fathers with kids fast asleep in strollers

-Hipsters being hip

-Fat nerds revelling in the conditionned-air goodness they can't afford for their already so-cheap-I-can't-beleive-it's-on-the-Plateau appartments.

Me, I'm one of the fat nerds, yo.

OlmanFeelyus said...

"vendeur de brochettes"! LOL. I really need to start following the french media more. My laziness in this regard puts me at arms length from a lot of the hot political and cultural discussion in this town.