Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One of two nights off! - Fantasia blog links

Tonight is one of two nights where I have no films on schedule (and the other is because I'll be seeing Die Antwoord next Wednesday), so I'll leave you with some of the great blogs that I've been following (and that help make Fantasia so much fun when I'm not actually at the theatre).

Citizen Blogs

Jay's Movie Blog: This guy is working hard and for that alone I put him on the top of the list. Good pictures and reviews as well (though has anything gotten fewer than 3 stars? :)).

feed.angeli.ca good, quick reviews

Swamp and reviews: Good start, but been too quiet. Get to work! Nice review of Mai Mai Miracle, kind of makes me want to see it, even though I'm not a big anime fan.

(please let me know if I've missed anybody! I want more and I'll keep this post updated.)

Dedicated movie websites:

Twitch Film: This is just a great site and I had forgotten about them until Fantasia. Need to rectify that this year. Not only is their content rich and ample, but I contacted them about not all of the Fantasia articles being tagged properly and the dude emailed me back in minutes and fixed it this afternoon. Kudos. Go there, read and comment.

Dread Central: these guys are the big boys and I enjoy their social reporting as much as their actual reviews. They are focused specifically on horror. My only complaint is that their site looks like a fucking MySpace page. It makes my laptop fan go into overdrive. Hey webmaster, you don't have to have every possible widget on the web turned on to make your site effective.

Sound & Sight: Just discovered these guys. I think they are local and they have a podcast as well that I'm going to check out. Good stuff so far and a nice looking site.

Panorama They haven't reviewed a movie I'm interested in yet, but they did a nice long intro to the festival. I'm keeping an eye on it.

Sinistre blogzine: I'm a bit miffed because they completely copied my tweet (translating it into french) about the I Spit on Your Grave night and never credited me or re-tweeted any of my other reviews. (I tweeted, "I Spit on Your Grave screening, dude passed out, sweaty drunken guy rants against remake, hugs original director #fantasiafest is on fire!"; 45 minutes later he tweets "I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE: Un évanouissement, un type saoul qui fait une scène contre le remake... Bizarre et intense #fantasiafest") Nevertheless, I'll check them out when they write a bit more about the films I'm interested in. [edit: @sinistreblog just tweeted me and said it was a pure coincidence and I believe him. I guess great minds think alike, in both languages! Please accept my apologies for my self-centered paranoia! Allez au site et faites des commentaires! Cliquez sur leurs pubs!]

"Legitimate" Media:

The Gazette: Despite them being part of Satan's dingleberry of the internet (canadaDOTcom), they actually get a ton of reviews up, sometimes even ahead of time with good opinions and understanding. I wish they would respond to their comments from time to time. Still, very impressive and a regular stop for me.

UltraFiction @ ztele: Good stuff with some multimedia, but I felt like they really dismissed Gallants without understanding the context or history and that is a strike against them. They are still able to redeem themselves.

Fantasia, itself: 'nuff said. I can't wait until they start getting video up of the audiences and evenings. That is always fun. In general, this is a well-designed website (Plank rocks, you should hire them) that is very active during the event. Kudos to Kier-La Janisse who seems to be the one doing all the work (and if I missed anyone to them too).

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