Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welder Soudage

Some practical street advertising, but does it violate Bill 101? In any case, I post this for your pleasure but also for my own future reference as I may have need of this gentleman's services in the future and I like his style.

Update: a new friend through gaming and blogging and a follower here actually hired this guy. Here's what he had to say:

Plusieurs marche de l'escalier arriere avaient des morceaux brisees, et une avait totalement defonce - pas tres pratique pour aller dans la cours avec notre fille de 2 ans. Tout est repare et tres solide, et il etait vraiment pas cher (notre proprietaire nous avait dit d'essayer de trouver quelqu'un qui pourrait faire le travail pour 500$ max, ca en a coute 120$.)

Which translates to

Several steps on the back stairs had broken pieces and one had totally fallen apart - not very practical for going out in the back yard with our two-year old daughter. Everything is repaired and very solid and he was really not expensive (our landlord had said to try and find someone who could do the job for $500 max and it ended up costing $120.)

Sounds like a pretty good recommendation! He scanned me his card which you can see below, as well as a picture of his excellent advertising technique used at Martin's place as well. Take note small businesses! Briques du Neige gets you business!

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