Monday, June 14, 2010

Breaking up the road

It was great this weekend, with madness going on right around the block and yet peace and quiet on our street because nobody could access it. I saw many losers try and come up Clark street hoping for a parking spot or a shortcut. They scoffed at the signs but couldn't scoff at the Pépine (a tip of the hat to commentor and hockey statisical analyst Olivier for that vocab word) blocking their route!

So now that the Grand Prix weekend is over, they are starting to finally get down to it in earnest. The hoses connecting our water intake to the temporary aqueduct are in place now (and the requisite drop in water pressure, though you don't notice it in the shower). The first step is to tear up the surface of the road:

Close-up of the rubble:

And here is the clean demarcation line between the new road finished last winter and where the hole is being dug for the current work:

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