Tuesday, June 08, 2010

catching up part 4: ripping up and laying down

Here are the last shots I took before flagging. I didn't get the final road filling but to their credit, they did it pretty quickly. The threat of snow and cold gets the job moving!

This shot shows where the work stopped. The front of the tracks of the farthest away digger (I really need my nephew here to tell me the proper names of these machines) is the edge where they stopped the work and put down the road. I haven't figured out in my head how they managed having the new water coming into only part of the street, since they reconnected our old pipes (they didn't reach our part of the street). Maybe nobody on the block is getting new water, but the part where the work was done is using the new drains? We're looking to the south here, from my building's front balcony.

This shot is looking from the bottom side.

Here is where they are filling in the new road. This is where it all began so long ago:

And here is a bonus shot of the last old drain they took out:

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