Thursday, June 10, 2010

A lovely Wednesday walk

Another Mile End sojourn, this time I spent more time on the street side instead of the alleys. Not as fun because I have to keep the dog on a leash, but people have some cool front yards here.

Little yard dragon.

I much prefer this home made style creche to the pre-fab ones. My question is did they cut the bathtub in half or is it buried halfway down?

I saw this sign at the intersection of Van Horne and St. Urbain. It's point is well made indeed, as I had to wait for quite a while before I could cross and even when I did I felt motivated to do it quickly and alertly as cars come whipping by from both sides, especially off the bridge ramp that comes from St. Denis. It's one of those sections that is sort of highway to street level transition and it makes it very dangerous. I'm going to call the city and I encourage everyone else to do so as well. If a dossier has been created, it means there is a start. Probably you need actual accidents to be happening here to really motivate them, but with the current government in the Plateau Mile End and their excellent policy of traffic calming, there may be a chance this would really happen.

Agrandir le plan


Anonymous said...

I think the sign image is missing...

OlmanFeelyus said...

Whoops! Fixed. Thanks, anonymous!