Monday, June 28, 2010


Want to know who is the baddest cat on Clark St? You wanna know who's the cat that makes all the other cats run in fear? Yes, it's Françoise. She's small, cute and quite friendly to humans. But she's a terror to my two cats, who have come running home full speed several times now with Françoise at their tails. It's embarrassing, especially considering that Brutus is twice her size.

But check out her will, staring up at me while I take her picture:

"Keep taking that picture human. You think I give a shit? I'll knock that digital camera right out your hands. Now tell your pussy cats to stay the FUCK off the front, you dig?"


Olivier said...

Eye of the tiger.

Plain and simple.

Christian Jarry said...

So funny, she looks so nice but I believe you she's a terror. Looks can be deceiving.