Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fantasia catalogue is out!

Or it should be. This is the date when the 2010 version of the planet's best genre film festival drops it's schedule, always so agonizingly close to the event itself, which starts on July 8th, giving you like 2 days to go through hundreds of films, at least half of which sound intriguing to awesome, and narrow down the ones you want to buy tickets for. Fantasia is the highlight of my summer and one of my favourite things about Montreal, a big party of movie geeks of all types.

Edit (Tuesday, June 29, 8:20 PM): no it's not! :( The schedule is available online as of this afternoon, but the physical programs won't be in the stores until July 2nd. It's also no longer for sale at the Vidéotron near me, which is a bummer. Some story about how the stores were asked to pay more than the selling price for them. Well that's disturbing, the Fantasia site is now no longer accessible. It was down earlier this afternoon, but I thought that was them uploading the schedule.

Also, I'll be doing some tweeting about Fantasia, using either the #fantasia or #fantasiafest tags.

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